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Workers Compensation

Dr. 'Bailey has been chosen as a primary physician with Washington Department or Labor @ Industries. If there's an injury on the job it may be time to give our office a try. Our clinical procedures quickly diagnose and successfully treat the underlying issues that potentially could could cause years of pain and suffering. Locating the source of your injury could be the difference between fixing an issue and living with something for a long period of time.
SPECIAL NOTE: Workers who are injured at work are often in fear of the employer response and few are told of their rights of the injured worker approved by the state of Washington . Call Kay @206.933.8498 today . She will make available published information pamphlets and take you step by step through the claims process. Know your rights so you are given the best care and to insure you are protected if you suffer a disabling injury. Don't let a work place injury go unreported. Imagine losing your ability to make a living or provide for your family. It can happen and has all too often.

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